Extracted from the ACMS Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines:

The Fellowship Matching Program is a service provided solely by Fellowship Matching Programs of San Francisco, California and is sponsored by the ACMS solely for the benefit of applicants and directors of fellowship programs approved by the ACMS or the ACGME. All programs participating in the match must be approved for such participation either by ACMS or the ACGME and no program may accept a match for a fellowship candidate without having obtained such approval. The applicant is responsible for confirming the ACGME accreditation status prior to applying and interviewing with a program. The SISRB makes no claim as to the San Francisco Fellowship Matching Program and retains no responsibility or liability for the matching Program. It is the sole responsibility of the Program Director to ensure the continuation and completion of the training of a fellow who has been selected. It is the sole responsibility of the fellow to determine the acceptability of the Program.

All Fellowship positions must be filled through the Match to be considered for membership in the ACMS unless a Program experiences Special Circumstances (outlined below). If a Director is required or wishes to choose a fellow outside of the auspices of San Francisco Match (SF Match) the case must be presented to and approved by the SISRB Fellowship Training Committee.

If a Program Director wishes to obtain a fellow outside of SF Match, he/she must apply for exemption from the Match to the SISRB Fellowship Training Committee prior to the interviewing portion of the Match (by June 15). This request must be approved by the SISRB Fellowship Training Committee before the Director offers a position to a fellow outside of the Match. The exemption request must include the name of the fellow-in-training candidate, which will be kept confidential.If the request is approved, the Director must also notify SF Match via letter or electronic mail that no positions are open at the Program for the training year for which the Match is being conducted.

The Special Circumstances by which a Program Director can apply to the Fellowship Training Committee for exemption from the Match include, but are not limited to:

  1. Director’s preference to train a current resident within his/her local institution’s residency Program.
  2. Special request of a Director from an external or internal residency Program to train an individual who will be returning to the residency institution for employment as a Mohs surgeon.
  3. Director’s potential agreement with a fellow who is not a US citizen.
  4. Other circumstances for which the Director would like to present to the Fellowship Training Committee requesting exemption from the Match.

Alternatively, if a Director does not participate in the Match but finds a potential fellow after the Match has occurred, the ACMS will honor the selection as long as the Director notifies the Fellowship Training Committee via letter or electronic mail of the training agreement, including the fellow’s name and start date.

The following is the standard timeline for the Match. To determine exact dates, please consult the Match Web site at www.sfmatch.org.

  • June: Candidates may begin to register for the Match with the Match Organization
  • Summer-Fall: Candidates submit application material to fellowship Programs, and Fellowship Training Directors conduct interviews
  • Late November/Early December: Deadline for Fellowship Training Directors and applicants to submit their preference lists to the Match Organization
  • Approximately the second week of December: Program Directors receive the results of the Match.

Directors may, once they receive the Match results, call and inform the chosen trainee of their match with the Program. Program Directors should not inform candidates of their selection status before the results are officially released by the Match Organization. Phone calls should be followed up with a letter that officially offers the position to the trainee. Match results are also mailed to all applicants and Program Directors by the Match Organization. The candidate should respond by phone and then by letter to the Program Director. Directors and fellows are bound to the results of the match upon submitting a signature on the rank list form. For further information on the Match policy for SF Match, consult the Matching Rules section of www.sfmatch.org.