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The Site Inspection & Slide Review Board and American College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following fellowship trained fellows who recently completed their training.

Sumaira Zareen Aasi, MD
(David Leffell, MD)

Jimmy Alain, MD
(Larry Warshawski, MD)

Murad Alam, MD
(Leonard H. Goldberg, MD)

Melissa Babcock, MD
(Roy C. Grekin, MD)

Frederick Beddingfield, III, MD
(Gary Lask, MD)

Glen M. Bowen, MD
(John Gerwels, MD)

Stephanie Margaret Braun, MD
(Gary S. Rogers, MD)

Elizabeth F. Callahan, MD
(Randall K. Roenigk, MD)

Anna S. Clayton, MD
(Thomas Stasko, MD)

Christine E. Correale, MD
(Mary E. Maloney, MD)

Todd Robert Coven, MD
(Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD)

Daniel A. Davis, MD
(Duane Whitaker, MD)

Manish J. Gharia, MD
(Richard G. Bennett, MD)

Gail De Imus, MD
(Duane C. Whitaker)

John D. Huber, MD
(Rex Amonette, MD)

John D. Kayal, MD
(Gary Monheit, MD)

Manish Khanna, MD
(Scott Dinehart, MD)

Kent Jerome Krach, MD
(Brian Cook, MD)

Han Ne Lee, MD
(Neil A. Swanson, MD)

Alan T. Lewis, MD
(Anthony V. Benedetto, MD)

Richard S. Lewis, MD
(Pearon G. Lang, MD)

Christine Marie P. Lopez, MD
(Philip Bailin, MD)

Erick A. Mafong, MD
(Roy G. Geronemus, MD)

Ronald Maynard Mann, MD
(Michael W. McCall, MD)

David Mezibish, MD
(Donald J. Grande, MD)

Craig Williams Naugle, MD
(Hubert T. Greenway, MD)

Ryan O'Quinn, MD
(John Zitelli, MD / David G. Brodland, MD)

Jeffrey Scott Orringer, MD
(Timothy Johnson, MD)

Julia Padgett, MD
(Harry L. Parlette, MD)

Albert Peng, MD
(Richard Glogau, MD)

Christopher M Peterson, MD
(John L. Ratz, MD)

Shawn R. Sabin, MD
(Glenn Goldstein, MD)

Michael Dale Sarradet, MD
(David J. Goldberg, MD)

Joseph J. Shaffer, MD
(Whitney D. Tope, Mphil, MD)

Peter W. Simoneaux, MD
(Edward L Parry, MD)

Jeffrey B. Smith, MD
(Yehuda D. Eliezri, MD)

Harvey Smith, MD
(Carl Vinciullo, MD)

Steve T. Spates, MD
(J. Ramsey Mellette, MD)

Elizabeth Spenceri, MD
(George J. Hruza, MD)

Duncan Stanford, MD
(Robert Paver, MD)

Paula S. Vogel, MD
(Dirk Robertson, MD)

Noah Kawika Weisberg, MD
(Steven S. Greenbaum, MD)

Sarah B. Weitzul, MD
(R. Stan Taylor, MD)

Stewart W. West, MD
(Roger I. Ceilley, MD)

David Wrone, MD
(Ronald L. Moy, MD)

Elisa Yoo, MD
(Leonard Dzubow, MD)

Daniel I. Zivony, MD
(Ronald Siegle, MD)

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