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Committees and Task Forces

Board Certification Task Force
Sumaira Z. Aasi, MD, FACMS, Chair

Bylaws Committee
Whitney Tope, MD, FACMS, Chair

CME & Education Committee
Ian A. Maher, MD, FACMS, Chair

Communications and Public Relations Committee
Vitaly Terushkin, MD, FACMS, Chair

Diversity Task Force
Algin B. Garrett, MD, FACMS, Chair

Ethics Committee
Phillip M. Williford, MD, FACMS, Chair

Finance and Investment Committee
Sumaira Z. Aasi, MD, FACMS, Chair

Foundation Fundraising Committee
Barry Leshin, MD, FACMS, Chair

Foundation Governance & Policy Committee
Thomas Stasko, MD, FACMS, Chair

Foundation Mohs Development Award Committee
Nathaniel J. Jellinek, MD, FACMS, Chair

Foundation Research Grant Review Committee
Christopher J. Miller, MD, FACMS, Chair

Frederic E. Mohs Award Committee
Clark C. Otley, MD, FACMS, Chair


Grievance Committee
Mary E. Maloney, MD, FACMS, Chair

High Risk Tumor Task Force
Christopher J. Miller, MD, FACMS, Chair

Membership Committee
Howard W. Rogers, MD, PhD, FACMS, Chair

National Registry and Outcomes Committee
Christian Lee Baum, MS, MD, FACMS, Chair

New Member Engagement and Mentoring Committee
Charlene Lam, MD, MPH, FACMS, Chair

Newsletter Committee
Glenn D. Goldman, MD, FACMS, Chair

Nominating Committee
Allison T. Vidimos, MD, RPh, FACMS, Chair

Physician Engagement Council
John G. Albertini, MD, FACMS, Chair

Private Sector Advocacy Committee
Howard W. Rogers, MD, PhD, FACMS, Chair

Public Policy Committee
Brent R. Moody, MD, FACMS, Chair

Slide Quality Review Committee
Thomas J. Knackstedt, MD, FACMS, Chair

Scientific Program Committee
Ashley Wysong, MD, MS, FACMS, Chair

Tromovitch Award Committee
Justin J. Leitenberger, MD, FACMS, Chair

The American College of Mohs Surgery is as strong as the volunteers that facilitate continued member achievement and organizational growth. ACMS members can learn more about volunteer opportunities by using the link below.

Site Inspection & Slide Review Board, LLC (An ACMS subsidiary)

Fellowship Training Committee
Siegrid S. Yu, MD, FACMS, Chair

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