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Mohs Surgeons Leading the Future:

ACMS Foundation Leadership Program

Application Deadline: January 1, 2024

Email Completed Applications: foundation@mohscollege.org

Questions? Questions about the application may be directed to ACMS Staff at info@mohscollege.org or (414) 347-1103.


The American College of Mohs Surgery Foundation invites applications for a one-year leadership program: Mohs Surgeons Leading the Future. The duration of the program is from the 2024 to the 2025 Annual Meetings. The program will accept up to eight participants this year. Participants will learn valuable leadership skills, gain exposure to the leadership and strategic goals of ACMS, and have a seasoned Mohs surgeon leader as a mentor. This program requires a time commitment for monthly meetings as well as travel to three in-person programs. Most costs to participate will be provided by the ACMS Foundation.


  • The purpose of the leadership program is to support and grow the influence of Mohs surgeons and the ACMS in our commitment to patients with skin cancers by developing and strengthening a pipeline for leadership within the ACMS.
  • An additional program goal is to increase the racial and ethnic diversity, as well as the presence of individuals from other groups that have previously been underrepresented, in the ACMS leadership pipeline. Applications are strongly encouraged from ACMS members of color and ethnic diversity and those with diverse backgrounds and identities.
  • Program participants have the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and develop in their careers while helping to advance the strategic goals of the ACMS (e.g. working in the ACMS infrastructure and/or policy world).

Leadership Participant Application

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Mentor Information and Application

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Program Structure

The program will involve three components: project-based learning (comprising the bulk of the program), mentoring, and leadership training.

Project-Based Learning

  • Cohorts of 8 program participants will work on year-long projects identified by the ACMS Board and Leadership Program Steering Committee as being valuable initiatives for the College. They will meet monthly by phone/video conference, and rotate leadership between them. A project liaison will participate. (Project liaisons are the individuals who will oversee and supervise the particular project.) Three in-person meetings will occur during the year. Project results will be presented to the ACMS membership at the Annual Meeting.


  • Each participant will be able to select a mentor from a group of ACMS volunteers. This pairing will provide formal leadership development support involving goals and a written understanding between mentor and mentee. Mentoring pairs will meet monthly by phone/video conference, and in-person three times a year.
  • Participants and Mentors will have the opportunity to meet by phone or virtually prior to the first meeting of the program to ensure the match is a good fit.

Leadership Training

  • Training will be offered virtually and in-person for participants to acquire and practice leadership skills, with emphasis on three competency areas:
    • Leadership of Self (self-awareness, communication skills, conflict resolution, etc.)
    • Leading Others (influencing with and without authority; diversity, equity, and inclusion; team development, giving and receiving feedback, etc.)
    • Leading within a System (leading with vision, leading change, stakeholder analysis, advocacy, etc.)
  • Three face-to-face meetings will occur each year for day-long lectures and discussions about leadership topics as well as networking with ACMS leaders and mentors.

Eligibility/Participation Requirements

  • Applicants must at least be an Associate member of the ACMS at the time of application submission.
  • ACMS members at all levels of their careers may apply.
  • Completed applications must be received by January 1, 2024.
  • This Program involves a significant time commitment over the course of a year. Successful applicants will be required to sign a contract agreeing to participate in all activities including:
    • One (1) day meeting associated with 2024 ACMS Annual Meeting May 2-5, Phoenix, AZ.
    • One (1) day meeting associated with the 2024 ASDS Annual Meeting October 17-20, Orlando, FL.
    • One (1) day meeting associated with the 2025 ACMS Annual Meeting May 15-18, Nashville, TN.
      • Present project results as a group to the entire membership during the 2025 Annual Meeting.
    • Monthly calls/Zoom meetings with all participants and the MSLF committee (the current year’s schedule is available here for reference)
    • Monthly calls/Zoom meetings with Project Team
    • Monthly calls/Zoom meetings with Mentor
  • Optional informal meetings: AAD Annual Meeting