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The Site Inspection & Slide Review Board and American College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following fellowship trained fellows who recently completed their training.

Mohammed Bagheri, MD
(Paul O. Larson, MD)

Christopher K. Bichakjian, MD
(Timothy M. Johnson, MD)

Samuel Ephraim Book, MD
(David J. Leffell, MD)

Thomas James Braza, MD
(Michael McCall, MD)

Gregory Michael Bricca, MD
(John A. Zitelli, MD)

James T. Chapman, MD
(J. Ramsey Mellette, MD)

Katarina Gabrielle Chiller, MD
(Dirk B. Robertson, MD)

Mark A. Cohen, MD
(Glenn Goldstein, MD)

Gail De Imus, MD
(Duane Whitaker, MD)

Daniel Brian Eisen, MD
(Lawrence Warshawski, MD)

Hazem Mohamed El-Gamal, MD
(Richard G. Bennett, MD)

Genevieve Fortier-Riberdy, MD
(Hugh Gloster, MD)

Ellen Gordon, MD
(Stephen N. Snow, MD)

Annalisa Gorman, MD
(Neil Swanson, MD)

Michael L. Hadley, MD
(Gary Monheit, MD)

Elizabeth K. Hale, MD
(Perry Robins, MD)

Kathleen Herne, MD
(Roy C. Grekin, MD)

Vivek Iyengar, MD
(Thomas E. Rohrer, MD)

Laurie G.S. Jacobson, MD
(Roy G. Geronemus, MD)

Kelly Jerstad, MD
(Roy C. Grekin, MD)

Brian L. Johnson, MD
(Brian Cook, MD)

Jessica J. Krant, MD MPH
(Daniel M. Siegel, MD)

Niels Krejci-Papa, MD
(Gary Rogers, MD)

Nanette Kwon, MD PhD
(Suzanne Olbricht, MD)

James Gardner Lahti, MD MPH
(Anthony Benedetto, MD)

Rebecca W. Lambert, MD
(Leonard Dzubow, MD)

Paula K. Lapinski, MD
(R. Stan Taylor, MD)

Wayne Wei-Jen Luo, MD
(Yehuda D. Eliezri, MD)

Kurt L. Maggio, MD
(Hubert T. Greenway, MD)

Jeanette Hebel Matthews, MD
(Barry Leshin, MD)

Brent R. Moody, MD
(George J. Hruza, MD)

Girish S. Munavalli, MD
(Richard Glogau, MD /
Christopher Zachary, MD)

Walter Nahm, MD PhD
(Ronald L. Moy, MD)

Julia K. Padgett, MD
(Harry L. Parlette, MD)

John Pagliaro, MD
(Carl Vinciullo, MD)

Samuel Ray Peterson, MD
(Leonard H. Goldberg, MD)

Christine Rausch, MD
(Victor J. Marks, MD)

Helen A. Raynham, MD
(Donald J. Grande, MD)

Matthew R. Ricks, MD
(Pearon G.Lang, MD)

Chrysalyne Schmults, MD
(David J. Goldberg, MD)

Jeffrey A. Squires, MD
(Frederick Fish, III, MD)

Karen Rebecca Suchin, MD
(Steven S. Greenbaum, MD)

Stephen Tan, MD
(Whitney D. Tope, MD)

Rebecca Clare Tung, MD
(Philip Bailin, MD)

Nadia S. Urato, MD
(Steven Proper, MD)

Holly Ann Ward, MD
(Edward L. Parry, MD)

Joseph M. Webb, MD
(Thomas Stasko, MD)

Jaeyoung Yoon, MD PhD
(Randall K. Roenigk, MD)

Summer Youker, MD
(Mary E. Maloney, MD)



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