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The Site Inspection & Slide Review Board and American College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following fellowship trained fellows who recently completed their training.

Robert Beer, MD
(Glenn D. Goldstein, MD)

Leonard J. Bernstein, MD
(Roy Geronemus, MD)

David Bertler, MD
(Michael W. McCall, MD)

Brian Bucalo, MD
(Ronald L. Moy, MD)

Chang Y. Cho, MD
(Jacob S. Lo, MD)

Joel Cook, MD
(John A. Zitelli, MD)

Jonathan Cook, MD
(Leonard M. Dzubow, MD)

Teri Cottingham, MD
(George J. Hruza, MD)

Kathleen Eshr, MD
(Gary Lask, MD)

Darrell J. Fader, MD
(Timothy Johnson, MD)

Jerome D. Fallon, MD
(Jessica Fewkes, MD)

Jeanne Franck, MD
(Christopher Zachary, MD)

David Fitzgerald, MD
(David Leffell, MD)

David Gaston, MD
(David Clark, MD)

Edward A. Gross, MD
(Gary S. Rogers, MD)

Theodore S. Sebastian, MD
(Thomas Stasko, MD)

Niyom Tantikun, MD
(Richard G. Bennett, MD)

Gregor Wahl, MD
(Roy Grekin, MD)

Nathalie Zeitouni, MD
(Gary D. Monheit, MD)

Briana Heniford, MD
(Philip L. Bailin, MD)

Julio Henandez, MD
(John L. Ratz, MD)

Sharon Hrabosky, MD
(Ronald J. Siegel, MD)

Conway Huang, MD
(Duane Whitaker, MD)

Satori Iwamoto, MD
(Peter B. Odland, MD)

Mark Jones, MD
(Mary E. Maloney, MD)

James Langtry, MD
(Alastair Carruthers, MD)

Donn Latour, MD
(Abel Torres, MD)

Kathrine Lin, MD
(Randall K. Roenigk, MD)

Robert Marsico, Jr., MD
(Philip L. Bailin, MD)

Brett Matheson, MD
(J. Ramsey Mellette, Jr., MD)

Deborah McFarlane, MD
(Leonard H. Goldberg, MD)

Kishwer Nehal, MD
(Perry Robins, MD)

Howard Oriba, MD
(Stephen N. Snow, MD)

Isaac Perez, MD
(John L. Ratz, MD)

James Powers, MD
(William J. Grabski, MD)

John E. Vine, MD
(Hubert Greenway, MD)

Daniel D. Witheiler, MD
(Ronald J. Siegel, MD)