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The Site Inspection & Slide Review Board and American College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following fellowship trained fellows who recently completed their training.

Ayad E. Abrou, MD
(Gary S. Rogers, MD)

David Appert, MD
(Randall K. Roenigk, MD)

Suleman Bangash, MD
(Armand B. Cognetta, Jr., MD)

Anna A. Bar, MD
(Greg S. Morganroth, MD)

Marisa A. Braun, MD
(Pearon G. Lang, Jr., MD)

Anne M. Chapas, MD
(Roy G. Geronemus, MD)

Albert Chen, MD
(Desiree Ratner, MD)

Phillip Cohen, MD
(Bruce R. Nelson, MD)

Steven Cronquist, MD
(Donald J. Grande, MD)

James R. DeBloom, MD
(John A. Zitelli, MD)

Daihung V. Do, MD
(Christine Hayes, MD)

Bradley K. Draper, MD
(J. Michael Wentzell, MD)

Johnathan C. Edge, MD
(Michael McCall, MD)

Adam C. Esser, MD
(Gary D. Monheit, MD)

Amin Fazeli, MD
(David J. Goldberg, MD)

Marc D. Glashofer, MD
(Naomi Lawrence, MD)

Robert G. Goodrich, MD
(David E. Kent, MD)

John Hancox, MD
(Hubert T. Greenway, Jr., MD)

Robert C. Hayes, MD
(Laurence M. Warshawski, MD)

Sherry Henderson, MD
(Marc D. Brown, MD)

Wirt A. Hines, MD, PhD
(J. Ramsey Mellette, Jr., MD)

Julia Ho, MD
(George J. Hruza, MD)

Tamara S. Housman, MD
(Daniel Berg, MD)

Sherry Hsiung, MD
(Perry Robins, MD)

Richard James, Jr., MD
(Barry Leshin, MD/John G. Albertini, MD)

Andrew L. Kaplan, MD
(R. Stan Taylor, III, MD)

Malcolm S. Ke, MD
(Gary Lask, MD)

Amor Khachemoune, MD
(Daniel M. Siegel, MD)

Ravi S. Krishnan, MD
(Heidi B. Donnelly, MD)

David R. Lane, MD
(Carl V. Washington, Jr., MD)

Heather S. Larabee, MD
(Michael L. Ramsey, MD)

Aimee L. Leonard, MD
(C. William Hanke, MD)

Wendy S. Long, MD
(Thomas E. Rohrer, MD)

Mollie MacCormack, MD
(Suzanne Olbricht, MD)

Steven M. Marcet, MD
(Glenn D. Goldstein, MD)

Diego E. Marra, MD
(Ronald L. Moy, MD)

Paul T. Martinelli, MD
(Bruce R. Nelson, MD)

Stephen Mason, MD
(Edward L. Parry, MD/ Ida F. Orengo, MD)

Elena Maydan, MD
(Yehuda D. Eliezri, MD)

Michael Messingham, MD
(Christopher Arpey, MD)

Michael Migden, MD
(Tri H. Nguyen, MD)

Neil Mortimer, MD
(Paul J.M. Salmon, MD)

Fiona O'Reilley, MD
(Thomas Stasko, MD)

Sandra Paek, MD
(Timothy M. Johnson, MD)

Anthony J. Papadopoulos, MD
(Anthony V. Benedetto, DO)

Sean Pattee, MD
(Mary E. Maloney, MD)

Clifford Perlis, MD
(Raymond G. Dufresne, Jr., MD)

Michelle Pipitone, MD
(Hugh M. Gloster, Jr., MD)

Zheng Qian, MD
(Steven A. Proper, MD)

Adam Rotunda, MD
(Richard G. Bennett, MD)

Liliana Saap, MD
(Ronald J. Siegle, MD)

Frank Saporito, MD
(Stephen N. Snow, MD)

Leslie Storey, MD
(Abel Torres, MD)

Chadwick Thomas, MD
(Victor J. Marks, MD)

Valencia D. Thomas, MD
(Neil A. Swanson, MD)

Stacey Tull, MD
(Roberta D. Sengelmann, MD)

Joy Twersky, MD
(Hubert T. Greenway, Jr., MD)

Hobart Walling, MD
(Roger I. Ceilley, MD)

Steven Q. Wang, MD
(Leonard H. Goldberg, MD)

Erin Welch, MD
(David J. Leffell, MD)

Justin G. Woodhouse, MD
(Philip L. Bailin, MD)

Siegrid S. Yu, MD
(Roy C. Grekin, MD)

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