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The Site Inspection & Slide Review Board and American College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following fellowship trained fellows who recently completed their training.

Lisa Airan, MD
(George J. Hruza, MD)

John G. Albertini, MD
(Victor Marks, MD)

Brian P. Biernat, MD
(Ronald J. Seigel, MD)

Robert Burns, MD
(Alastair Carruthers, MD)

Sabatino Ciatti, MD
(Steven S. Greenbaum, MD)

Robert Demetrius, MD
(Richard G. Bennett, MD)

Christopher B. Harmon, MD
(Gary D. Monheit, MD)

Briana Heniford, MD
(Philip L. Bailin, MD)

Kristina A. Holmkvist, MD
(Gary S. Rogers, MD)

Conway C. Huang, MD
(Duane Whitaker, MD)

Wilber Huang, MD
(Philip L. Bailin, MD)

Michael J. Huether, MD
(John A. Zitelli, MD)

Aaron K. Joseph, MD
(Glenn D. Goldstein, MD)

Richard Keller, MD
(William J. Grabski, MD)

Roy Geronemus, MD
(Stephen O. Kovacs, MD)

Jeffrey G. Weaver, MD
(Abel Torres, MD)

Brian J. Williams, MD
(Michael W. McCall, MD)

Anya Landeck, MD
(Stephen N. Snow, MD)

Michael D. Long, MD
(Mary E. Maloney, MD)

Tri H. Nguyen, MD
(Randall K. Roenigk, MD)

Keyvan Nouri, MD
(Perry Robins, MD)

Gina M. Marrero, MD
(Yehuda D. Elierzi, MD)

Brett Matheson, MD
(J. Ramsey Mellette, Jr., MD)

Michael A. McDonald, MD
(Thomas Stasko, MD)

Greg M. Menaker, MD
(Ronald L. Moy, MD)

Cynthia Peterson, MD
(Hubert Greenway, MD)

Roberta Sengelmann, MD
(R. Stan Taylor, MD)

Dany J. Touma, MD
(Donald J. Grande, MD)

Bryan L. Townsend, MD
(Edward L. Parry, MD)

Kirsten Vin Christian, MD
(Roy Grekin, MD)

Timothy S. Wang, MD
(Timothy Johnson, MD)

Keith D. Wright, MD
(Dirk R. Robertson, MD)

Libbyette Wright, MD
(Leonard M. Dzubow, MD)

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