Board of Directors and Staff

Officers 2018-19


Barry Leshin, MD, FACMS

Elizabeth M. Billingsley, MD, FACMS
Vice President

Glenn Goldman, MD, FACMS

Allison T. Vidimos, MD, RPh, FACMS
Immediate Past President

Sarah T. Arron, MD, PhD, FACMS
Christian L. Baum, MS, MD, FACMS
Jerry D. Brewer, MD, MS, FACMS
Jeremy S. Bordeaux, MD, MPH, FACMS
Scott A.B. Collins, MD, FACMS
Nathaniel J. Jellinek, MD, FACMS
Ian A. Maher, MD, FACMS
Christopher J. Miller, MD, FACMS
Howard W. Rogers, MD, PhD, FACMS
Thomas S. Bander, MD
Fellow-in-training Board Observer, non-voting (2018-2019)
Thomas Stasko, MD, FACMS
Board Historian, non-voting (2018-2023)


Mary Riordan
Executive Director
Executive Committee and Board of Directors • Advocacy and public policy • Bylaws, elections and governance • Organizational outreach and collaboration • Strategic planning • Frederic E. Mohs Award

Vanessa Goodman
Membership and Communications Manager
Membership dues, retention and benefits • Nominations and elections • Membership Directory and Surgeon Finder • Social media • Mohs Surgery Career Center • Staff contact for Membership Committee and Nominating Committee

Brett Kell, MSM
Senior Communications and Membership Manager
Communications strategy • Brand and visual identity • Publications and collateral materials • Websites and electronic communications • Conversations in Mohs Surgery podcast • Annual Meeting mobile app and signage • Public and media relations • Staff contact for Communications & Public Relations Committee and Newsletter Committee

Susan I. Lathrop
Education Manager
Micrographic Surgery & Dermatologic Oncology/Mohs fellowship training • Annual Meeting CME, MOC, and faculty support • Abstract processing and coordination • Diagnostic Quality Control Exam • ACCME accreditation • Tromovitch Award coordination • Video Library

Tammy O'Connell, CEHRS
Administrative Manager, National Registry and Quality
National Registry project management • Payer relationship management • National Registry and Outcomes Committee and Subcommittees • Private Sector Advocacy Committee

Mario Ortiz
Meetings Manager
Annual Meeting planning and logistics • Exhibitor and sponsor management • Industry support

Dustin Syrjanen
Administrative Coordinator
General administrative support • Associate and Fellow application processing • Membership database maintenance • Committee administration assistance • Slide Quality Program and staff contact for Slide Review Committee

Emily Thurow, CAP
Administrative Manager to the Leadership
Board of Directors administration and support • ACMS Foundation • Improving Wisely

Past Presidents

Allison T. Vidimos, MD, RPh, FACMS 2017-18
Thomas Stasko, MD, FACMS 2016-17
John G. Albertini, MD, FACMS 2015-16
J. Ramsey Mellette, Jr., MD, FACMS 2014-15
Scott W. Fosko, MD, FACMS 2013-14
Marc D. Brown, MD, FACMS 2012-13
Brett M. Coldiron, MD, FACP, FACMS 2011-12
Leonard M. Dzubow, MD, FACMS 2010-11
Duane C. Whitaker, MD, FACMS 2008-09
David G. Brodland, MD, FACMS 2006-08
Pearon G. Lang, Jr., MD, FACMS 2004-06
Stuart J. Salasche, MD, FACMS 2002-04
Hubert T. Greenway, Jr., MD, FACMS 2000-02
John W. Skouge, MD, FACMS 1998-00
John A. Zitelli, MD, FACMS 1996-98
Michael J. Albom, MD, FACMS 1994-96
C. William Hanke, MD, FACMS 1992-94
Martin Braun, III, MD, FACMS 1990-92
Philip L. Bailin, MD, FACMS 1988-90
Willis I. Cottel, MD, FACMS 1986-88
Gerald Bernstein, MD, FACMS 1984-86
Samuel J. Stegman, MD, FACMS 1982-84
Rex A. Amonette, MD, FACMS 1980-82
George R. Mikhail, MD, FACMS 1978-80
Perry Robins, MD, FACMS 1976-78
Theodore A. Tromovitch, MD, FACMS 1974-76
Ray Allington, MD, FACMS 1972-74
Frederic E. Mohs, MD, FACMS 1967-72