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2024 Match Exemptions

Hubert T. Greenway, Jr., MD, FACMS (Scripps Clinic, 1 exempt position of 3 positions)
Zitelli & Brodland, PC (1 exempt position of 2 positions)

Match Policy
All MSDO Fellowship training programs and directors are expected to participate in the match in order for participants to be considered for membership in the ACMS, unless one of the two exceptions below applies. All other aspects/deadlines for the SF Match remain unchanged.

In October 2018, the ACMS Board of Directors approved a new policy that eliminates exemptions for MSDO Fellowship programs, with 2 exceptions:

1. Applicants on active military duty, or
2. International (non-Canadian) applicants

Submitting a Match Exemption Request
To submit a Match exemption, email the Fellowship Training Committee at sisrb@mohscollege.org, and include:
1. The name of the Fellow-in-Training candidate(s) in your request and the exception reason. Names will be kept confidential. 
2. # of accredited positions in your program
3. # of positions in your program going through the Match

Match exemptions are due to the Fellowship Training Committee by June 15 annually.

Alternatively, if a Director does not participate in the Match but finds a potential fellow after the Match has occurred, the ACMS will honor the selection as long as the Program Director notifies the Fellowship Training Committee via letter or electronic mail of the training agreement, including the fellow’s name and start date.

The Fellowship Matching Program is a service provided solely by Fellowship Matching Programs of San Francisco, California and is sponsored by the ACMS solely for the benefit of applicants and directors of fellowship programs approved by the ACMS or the ACGME. All programs participating in the match must be approved for such participation either by ACMS or the ACGME and no program may accept a match for a fellowship candidate without having obtained such approval. The applicant is responsible for confirming the ACGME accreditation status prior to applying and interviewing with a program. The SISRB makes no claim as to the San Francisco Fellowship Matching Program and retains no responsibility or liability for the matching Program. It is the sole responsibility of the Program Director to ensure the continuation and completion of the training of a fellow who has been selected. It is the sole responsibility of the fellow to determine the acceptability of the Program.

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