Fellows-in-Training Clinicopathologic Case Competition

Fellows-in-Training are invited to submit clinicopathologic slides and photographs of Mohs cases that have uncommon or rare pathology, or that illustrate prototypical diagnostic challenges and keys to diagnosis or tumor detection.  The winner will be invited to present the case during the ‘Clinicopathologic Case Competition Session’ at the Annual Meeting.

The ACMS will develop a library of interesting cases for an online teaching set, which all Fellows-in-Training and members of the ACMS may access.

Review Process

  1. Members of the Slide Quality Review Committee independently review each submission.
  2. To ensure fairness, reviewers are blinded to the author(s) and/or institution(s) who submit the case.
  3. Each reviewer independently scores the case based on:
    • Rarity of the pathology
    • Relevance to ACMS members
    • Quality of the clinical photographs and frozen section histology
    • Delivery of educational points
    • Organization and coherence of the clinical question/interest
  4. Acceptance is at the sole discretion of the Slide Quality Review Committee.

General Submission Guidelines

  1. Case submissions must be received by the ACMS office by Thursday, February 8, 2024. No cases will be accepted after this deadline.
  2. Fellows-in-Training will receive an email from the ACMS containing submission guidelines and forms. Submissions must include clinical history, clinical question or interest (not to exceed 3 pages), and clinical references.
  3. Slides are limited to 5 per submission and must be a standard size of 26 x 76 mm, with a thickness of 0.9 to 1.2 mm, including cover slip.
  4. Return submission form along with labeled histology slides to the ACMS office. All histology slides will be digitally scanned and returned.
  5. Please submit clinical photographs associated with your interesting case. All photographs must be digitally submitted.  All photographs should be original. They must be saved in CMYK as TIF or JPG files at 300 dpi at 5 inches in width. Please remember that the ACMS considers the manipulation of photographs used in the media, journals, scientific meetings, and in presentation to patients for the purpose of deceiving the audience to be against the ethical standards of the ACMS.
  6. A consent form must accompany all recognizable photographs, including photos of any portion of the central face (eyes, nose, and/or mouth) and images that contain tattoos.
  7. The winner will be invited for a 4-minute oral presentation during a plenary session at the 2024 ACMS Annual Meeting.
  8. Please direct questions regarding the Clinicopathologic Case Competition to the ACMS at info@mohscollege.org or (414) 347-1103.

Please complete the submission form and send with clinical photographs and consent form (if applicable), and send to info@mohscollege.org. Labeled histology slides should be sent to the following address:

American College of Mohs Surgery
Attn: Brendan O'Reilly
555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823