Patient Education Video

The animated Mohs surgery patient education video is available in English, French and Spanish. Members are encouraged to link to or embed any or all of these videos on their website to help illustrate the Mohs procedure for patients. The following instructions work for the all versions.

How to share

You are welcome to direct patients to the Mohs College home page on which the English video appears, however the best and the most direct path to view it is on the ACMS YoutTube page. Here are some options for linking to the page from your website.

  • Embed it: in the same way the video player appears on the home page of the ACMS website, you can add HTML code toa  page of your site that will allow visitors to play the video right on your site. Here's how:
    • With the video on your screen in YouTube, click the "Share" button right below the video player; a box will pop up with options to share a diret link.
    • Click the first button on the left, "embed," which will bring up another box were a snippet of HTML code appears; copy this code to share with your website adminstrator, who will place it on your site so that the video player adn screenshot appear and visitors can watch it right on your page.
  • Create a button: Ask your Ask your site administrator to place a graphic button on your site that reads 'Learn More' or 'What is Mohs Surgery?' to help the link stand out. Consider the context of the page the button will be placed on, as well as the copy surrounding it.
  • Use a text link: If you don't already have a spot on your site where a link to the video would be a natural fit, consider adding some copy referencing the fact that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S., as well as some other statistics available here, then implore visitors to watch the video to learn why Mohs surgery is the most effective treatment available. Choose a few words of this text to hyperlink to the YouTube page on which the video appears. You may also consider making the hyperlinked text bold, larger, a different color, or all the above.
  • Share on social media: If your practice or institution uses social media, consider sharing a link to the video via these channels.
    • With the video on your screen in YouTube, click the Share button right below the video player; a box will pop up with options to share a direct link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social networks. Before sharing, consider adding a comment about the importance of sun protection, skin exams, seeing a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, or how to make an appointment with you.