Associate Membership

To become an Associate Member of the College you must complete a Fellowship Training program that has been approved by the Mohs College. Once the program has been completed, you must submit:

  • A completed membership application (including release form)
    Associate Member Application:   Word  |  PDF
  • A completed case log form - ACMS Case Log:   Excel  |  PDF
    NOTE: Per the Policies, Procedures and Guidelines of the Mohs College Fellowship Training Programs, all physicians graduating from an approved Mohs fellowship 2004 or after must submit a full case log of their training in place of the 75 cases previously required.
  • A letter of recommendation from your program director
  • Signature (on application) verifying submission of a scientific article
  • $65 application fee (click here for invoice)
  • Fellowship Training Program Evaluation: Word  |  PDF

The application deadline is August 1.