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ACMS Fellowship Training

General Information
The Mohs Micrographic Surgery Fellowship match is administered by San Francisco Match. Registration for candidates begins in May, interviews are conducted in the Fall, and the match occurs in December for training beginning the following year. Most training programs run for one year, July to June.

ACMS Fellowship Training Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

ACMS & ACGME Approved Fellowship Training Director Listing

Mohs Micrographic Surgery Fellowship Training Core Curriculum

Procedural Dermatology (Mohs) Fellowship FAQs

Fellowship Match
Match Exemptions
San Francisco Match
ACMS Match Policy

Fellow Trainee Information
Upon graduation, a case log (Mohs College or ACGME) documenting each case participated in or performed by the fellow is required. The case log should be submitted to the SISRB executive office by August 1 of the year the fellow graduates (if the program is completed on or before July 31; Graduates after July 31 must submit their application for membership to the ACMS for the following year).

Please note that the following components are required for each case for both ACMS & ACGME case logs:

  • Case number
  • Date
  • Diagnosis/Histology
  • Primary/Recurrent (P/R)
  • Location
  • Pre-Op Size
  • Post-Op Size
  • Number of Stages
  • Complex Case (Y/N)
  • Supervising Faculty Name
  • Fellow Role Primary/Assisting (P/A)

NOTE: If you are submitting an ACGME-format case log, to generate the correct report, go to the Reports tab in the Case Log System and run the report entitled "Resident Mohs Micrographic Surgery Report", which is the link to the version that can be printed.

Materials to submit for membership:

Documents to submit for membership
Accreditation Type
ACGME-Accredited Program ACMS-Accredited Program
ACMS Associate Membership Application

Word    PDF
Fellowship Case Log

CD-ROM or flash drive submissions
$65 Application Fee Invoice with Payment

Word    PDF
Letter of Recommendation
from Program Director
Trainee Evaluation of Fellowship Program

Word    PDF
Evaluation of Fellow
(Completed by Program Director)

Grievance Committee

Annual Forms
The following forms are sent to Program directors at the end of the training year. The Annual Acknowledgement, Assessment Fee, and Number of Cases, and Incoming Fellow forms are required each year for ACMS-approved programs, regardless if a fellow is graduating. The Fellow Evaluation is only required when a fellow is graduating. ACGME-approved programs are only required to submit the Incoming Fellow form and the Evaluation of Fellow (if applicable). All yearly information is due August 1st. Consult the Membership section of the Mohs College web site for an Associate Membership Application and Case Log for your fellow.

Annual Acknowledgement Form (for international programs only)

Fellowship Training Program Assessment Fee Invoice (for international programs only)

Fellowship Training Number of Cases Form (for international programs only)

Final Evaluation Of Fellow (to be filled out by Director)

Training Program Information - Incoming Fellow

Faculty Applications

Faculty Applicant Letter

Director Application (for new international programs only)

Associate Director Application

Surgical Faculty Application

Senior Faculty Application

Faculty Application Invoice

Site Visits
To help training programs prepare for a site visit, below is the Survey Instruments & Documents form, which is used to evaluate the program by the site visitor. The ACMS Fellowship Training Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines & Mohs Micrographic Surgery Fellowship Training Core Curriculum can be found at the top of this webpage to further assist with the preparation.

Survey Instruments & Documents Form

Directors and Fellows from previous years

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