Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose

Mission Statement

The College promotes and advances the highest standards of patient care with respect to Mohs surgery and cutaneous oncology through fellowship training, research, education and public advocacy.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the premier organization for education and research in skin cancer for the practice of Mohs surgery.

Core Values

  • Excellence in Mohs surgery and patient care - the first and highest priority;
  • Excellence in training, education and research;
  • Service with compassion and integrity;
  • Collegiality, professionalism, and a strong sense of community;
  • Scholarship and innovation that is evidence based to evolve the body of knowledge.

Core Purpose

To promote and advance the highest standards of patient care with respect to Mohs surgery and cutaneous oncology.


The purposes of the College are to:

  1. Provide a means for recognition and approval of physicians who have become proficient and experienced in the use of Mohs Micrographic Surgery.
  2. Safeguard the standards of Mohs Micrographic Surgery which are defined to include:
    1. excision of tissues (with or without in situ fixation).
    2. complete microscopic examination of the excised tissue by systematic use of horizontal frozen sections.
    3. frozen sections prepared in a laboratory under the direct and immediate supervision of the Mohs Micrographic surgeon.
    4. microscopic examination of the tissue is performed by the Mohs surgeon.
  3. Provide vehicles of continuing education and exchange of ideas and experiences between physicians utilizing the modality of Mohs Micrographic Surgery.
  4. Promote the highest standards of patient care, and promote public interest relating to Mohs Micrographic Surgery.
  5. Monitor physician training programs to assure the highest standards of physician training in Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

To learn more about the Mohs College and whether Mohs surgery is an appropriate treatment for your skin cancer, find a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon in your area and visit the Mohs College Patient Education site at: